ReGen Dual Ball Seat Sub

ReGen Dual Ball Seat Sub

  Onshore        Field-proven Technology
The REGEN™ Dual Ball Seat Sub (DBSS) is a component of our REGEN™ Liner Hanger system. The DBSS uses two independent and redundant ball seats that can be configured for a variety of ball and shear pressures, allowing a range of hydraulic set tools to be operated.

The appropriate ball is pumped down and lands in the seat allowing pressure to build up to function any hydraulic tool, after which the ball can be expelled permitting full circulation to be regained. The balls and ball seats are retained in the DBSS by an integral baffle plate.

The DBSS includes an integrated landing collar for use in cementing operations.
  1. The DBSS allows the operator to reliably function hydraulic tools and still regain full circulation for subsequent operations.
  2. The inclusion of a landing collar profile in the DBSS allows for a simplified shoe track.
  • Optionally match OD and drift of liner
  • Rotationally locked internals
  • Multiple ball seat size options
  • Integral redundancy
  • Integral latched landing sub
  • 3-½"
  • 4"
  • Custom size




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