ReGen Fullbore Liner Tieback System

ReGen Fullbore Liner Tieback System

  Onshore        Field-proven Technology
The REGEN™ Fullbore Liner Tieback System (FLTS) is the industry’s first tieback system designed for specific use in recompleting existing wells with the REGEN™ 4" x 5-1/2" liner systems.

Historically, isolation or other wellbore integrity issues in a refrac well could mean a shortened or cancelled refrac stimulation, as the options to deal with such issues were limited. With the FLTS, an operator can install a fullbore frac string to restore isolation and integrity, allowing the operator to move forward with their refrac program.

The FLTS allows operators to install a frac string and still maintain the capability to run full size frac plugs and pump at frac pressures up to 12,000psi.  
  1. The FLTS can be installed in wells pro-actively, giving operators peace of mind in the event of isolation issues.
  2. The FLTS allows for the use of conventional frac plugs, saving money compared to high expansion plugs.
  3. Custom high-pressure, high-temperature seals - ensure high pressure integrity even after repeated hot stabbing into the Liner Tieback Receptacle.
  4. Single piece mandrel provides a fullbore ID through the FLTS seal assembly
Liner Hanger and Tieback System
REGEN™ Fullbore Liner Tieback System can be used in conjunction with the REGEN™ Liner Hanger system and the REGEN™ Drop Off Sub
The REGEN™ Fullbore Liner Tieback System can be used with cemented and uncemented liner systems:
  • Slim run-in-hole OD
  • Proprietary HPHT seals
  • Single piece mandrels
  • Fullbore ID
  • 4" x 5-1/2"
  • Custom size


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